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Productivity Secrets Summit LIST OF TOPICS
Day 1
How Choosing to Embrace Pain Creates Success and Avoids Suffering by Brian Bogert
Empowering Women by Shannon Connery

Day 2
Detox Your Mindset by Keren Eldad
What you say to yourself really matters! by Nancy Buffington
​Women don't have to choose between a Career or a Family by Elizabeth Aquino-Curry

Day 3
The Subconscious Secret - Hot To Rewire Your Brain To Take Fearless Action by Jessica Geist
Maintain the Balance between being Productive and Getting Things Done and Spending Time with the People we Love by Kathryn & Michael Redman
Healthy Habits and Holistic Happiness by Hayley Hobson

Day 4
Power of Morning Routine by Jimmy Hays Nelson
Energy Transmissions and Meditation/ Living Your Best Life Starts in You by Sid McNairy
Sustaining Business Growth while putting Wellness First by Jaime Bay

Day 5
How to Ensure Maintaining Peak Performance without Landing on a Path of Burnout and Exhaustion by Jessica Midkiff & Tracy Hill
How to Balance Overall Health Without Adding More to You Plate by Jane M. Wenning
Speed Dating your Meal Planning Stacy Westman

Day 6
The Double Win- How to Win at Work and Succeed at Life by Deidra Romero
Discover Your Purpose by Matthew Korban
The Simple System to Start Outsourcing Today by Paula Allen

Day 7
Managing Your Productivity Schedule of Life- 4 Steps to Transform Stress into Success by Chad Cooper
Science of Fear by Robin Joy Meyers
Is Clutter Affecting Your Productivity? by Leanne Pruett

Day 8
Build Success Habits for Long Term Productivity by Kim Vuong
Ditch the Grind- Rethinking Productivity by Jen Lawrence
How to Access Writing Flow and Improve Productivity by Stacy Lynn Ennis

Day 9
How to Avoid Burnout in your Business with Human Design by Lexie Sparrows
Successfully Working From Home and On-The-Go by Sherell Slaise
Increase Productivity Through Technology by Stacy Braiuca

Day 10
Discover the Power of Your Leadership Voice by Brenda Batista
5 Steps to Successful Outsourcing by Kayla Sloan
3 Secrets to be more Productive while Working From Home by Jyotsna Ramachandran

Day 11
Amazing Tips to Boost your Productivity and Wellness by Dr. Marc Milstein
The Sticky Note Game by Carey Bentley

Day 12
The Importance of Setting Interruption Rules to Help Increase Productivity by Althea Walters
3 Steps to Making More Impact and More Money With Less Time by Joe Lau
Burnout - Turning Stress to Success by Manuel Astruc

Day 13
Decide in Advance- How to Keep the Needle Moving Forward to Achieve your Goals by Alex Lianne Carter
Reach for Music! 3 Ways to Relieve Stress and Create Peak States of Performance by Tim Ringgold
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